How to Sell a House

Whether you are moving across the country or simply to a bigger Jacksonville home, you will need to put your current home up for sale. Let’s go over a brief overview of the steps that are included in the home selling process.

Make Necessary Repairs

It can be much more cost effective to make repairs to your home before you ever put it on the market. If your potential buyer hires a home inspector who finds major signs of disrepair, the amount they try to negotiate off the buying price to cover repairs will likely be much more expensive than what it will cost you to make the repairs now.

Set a Price

Next, you will want to hire a Jacksonville appraiser to help you determine the current market value of your home. Having this appraisal completed by an experienced and reputable appraisal company will give you greater bargaining power during negotiations, and can also make it much easier for you to set a price in the beginning.

If you want to sell a property quickly, it can help to set the price slightly below the average market price. It can be very difficult to determine what this value would be without the assistance of a knowledgeable Jacksonville appraiser.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

You can potentially sell your home on your own, but many homeowners find that the assistance of a real estate agent can make the process much easier, and can get the home off the market much sooner, and at a better price. Choose a real estate agent who has plenty of experience selling within your area. Your professional Jacksonville appraiser may be able to provide recommendations.

Advertise Your Listing

Next, you will need to advertise your home. If you hire a real estate agent, they can help with this process. In today’s market, it is important to not just have the conventional print listings, but also advertisements on the top real estate listing websites.

Working with the Right Buyer

When you start receiving offers for your home, you will want to consider buyers who you believe will be easy to work with during the closing process. This phase can involve scheduling home inspections, having final negotiations regarding price and terms, and finalizing paperwork. This is another instance when it can be very helpful to have the most experienced Jacksonville appraisers and real estate agents on your side.