What Real Estate Agents and Appraisers May Talk About and What is Off Limits

Jacksonville real estate appraisers and agents handle transactions that significantly affect the lives of individuals and families in Florida. When working with these professionals, you may be unclear about what you can ask, what they can ask, and how much information you should or need to disclose. Let’s go over the basics regarding the appropriate topics of conversation.

What Your Jacksonville Appraiser Can Tell You

While your real estate appraiser is present and evaluating your home, he or she can give you a general idea of how different features within your home might affect its current market value. They might also alert you to any signs of disrepair that might bring down your home value.

What Your Home Appraiser Cannot Tell You

As frustrating as this might be, your appraiser is not going to be able to give you any concrete figures while evaluating your home, at least not any that are reliable. Much of the calculating performed to complete a Jacksonville appraisal is not done on the premises.

The appraiser will need to take into consideration all that was discovered and recorded during the appraisal, and will then need to factor in numerous other pieces of information regarding current market trends, and the value of other homes, with similar features, in the area.

As this is a complex process that involves a wide array of factors that work together, your Jacksonville appraiser is not going to be able to give you an exact amount that a single feature, such as a new appliance, will add to the value of your home.

What Your Real Estate Agent Can Tell You

Your real estate agent is there to introduce you to the property that is available and all of the features that are included. They can also help you determine if the value of the home matches the asking price.

What Your Real Estate Agent Cannot Tell You

As the NY Times explains, real estate agents are not supposed to ask you personal information, or give you information about the people who live in the area, in order to eliminate housing discrimination issues. Florida has similar fair housing laws.

To prevent discrimination in the purchase, sale, or advertising of properties, real estate agents are not supposed to ask for or provide any personal information, such as the occupation, race, or age of homebuyers, home sellers, or the residents living in the area. If you feel that any of this information is being used against you during a transaction, you may be able to take legal action.