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Price List Appraising Real EstateAt A-1 Express Appraisal, we specialize in residential appraisals exclusively, which helps lower our prices. Our 8 fundamental principles inspire our dedication to quality products and services. When you order an appraisal from us, you can be assured of a fair price that is more affordable that you might think.

Home appraisals are strictly regulated by federal and state laws, as well as by ethical standards within the appraisal industry. A-1 Express Appraisal is committed to full legal compliance, which helps protect your long-term interests.

These prices are general estimates. Depending on the specific nature of your residential property, actual prices might be higher or lower. Exact fees are determined case by case and are sometimes lower or higher than the following price list. For example, waterfront property is generally pricier than a typical suburban residential lot.


Single family residential up to 3000 sq ft   $375
Each 1000 sq ft above 3000 Add $50
Waterfront Call for quote
Over 4,000 square feet Call for quote
FHA Appraisal Add $100



Duplex $425
Triplex $475
Quad $525
Income approach Add $100
Rent analysis Add $100


Collateral Valuation Report (CVR)

CVR without subject photo $175
CVR with subject photo $225
2055 Drive-by $250
2075 Drive-by $250
Repurchase Citation Review Call for quote


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