Mold Remediation – What Is the Process?

Mold is a very serious problem that, when discovered, must be addressed as soon as possible. If your Jacksonville appraiser discovers mold during your appraisal, the calculated market value of your appraisal is going to be much lower than it rightfully should be, until you complete the process of mold remediation. So, what does this process entail?

Receiving Professional Help

It is often best to hire a professional contractor to handle your mold remediation. Mold can have serious negative health effects, and experienced professionals will have the proper safety gear, and will know the proper techniques for limiting their and your exposure to the mold.

Professionals will also be better able to find and address the entire contaminated area, which may not be visible or apparent.


Identify and Isolate the Problem

It is not unusual for Jacksonville appraisers to find mold problems, as this is a damp climate. However, the mold uncovered during your appraisal may just be the tip of the iceberg. It is essential to identify just how far the contamination has spread, and isolate it accordingly.

During this time, it is also necessary to identify the source of the moisture that is causing the mold to grow, and prevent it, so the mold problem will not return after remediation.


Remove Affected Materials

Next, all of the affected materials, from drywall to insulations, and any other affected building structures, will need to be removed. You will want to remove not only the materials that visible have mold growth, but also any surrounding wet materials. The EPA provides tips regarding what should be removed and how to find hidden mold.


Clean and Dry the Area

The EPA suggests that a wet vacuum can be used to clear the area of any water that is present, and you can use a damp wipe with water and detergent to clean the area. Cleaning methods should be used that allow the area to be dried as quickly and easily as possible.


Replace with New Materials

The building materials that were removed will need to be replaced with clean, dry, new materials. You should be confident that all contaminated materials are gone, and the moisture problem has been addressed, so that the new materials will remain in good condition.


Routinely Check the Area

The only way to be sure that you have performed a successful mold remediation is to check the area frequently for any signs of mold growth. You can then schedule another Jacksonville appraisal, once the situation has been remedied.