Why a Homeowner Should Have an Appraisal Done Before Listing

Many homeowners putting their properties up for sale avoid having appraisals conducted before listing the property. The arguments against pre-listing appraisals are typically that they are not necessary, they cost the homeowner money or that the buyers are going to have one conducted later, anyway.

In reality, there are many reasons why hiring A-1 Express Appraisal Services before you ever list your home could actually help you to save money and sell your home in a shorter amount of time. Below are just a couple of examples of reasons you might invest in a Jacksonville appraisal before placing your property on the market.

Identify Necessary and Inexpensive Repairs

Areas of disrepair can become a major headache for you down the road. If a potential buyer identifies an issue that needs repaired, this can be used as a bargaining chip to lower your asking price. The amount taken off the listing price is often more substantial than what it would cost you to fix the problem before listing.

There are also many lenders who will not approve financing for a property until repairs have been completed. Therefore, if repairs are found to be necessary during the closing process, these problems can dramatically delay the amount of time you are waiting to complete the sale, if you are able to close the sale at all. A pre-listing appraisal can help to identify these problems before a buyer ever enters the premises.

Provide Real Support for Your Listing Price

When selling your home, you have the freedom to list the property at whatever price you feel is fair or appropriate. Obviously, your real estate agent is going to suggest that you take market conditions, comparable sales in the area and any special features within your home into consideration, but you could truly choose any listing figure. The question is whether or not buyers will be interested and motivated.

As explained within the Chicago Tribune, a pre-listing appraisal can provide the evidence you need to prove to real estate agents and buyers that your price is fair. The recent appraisal will help you to show these individuals exactly how much value they will be receiving for the price that is offered.

For your early appraisal to be as convincing as possible, it is necessary to choose Jacksonville appraiser who are both experienced and knowledgeable in the local markets. If the pre-listing appraisal is going to carry weight with potential buyers, you must choose appraisers that are professional, respected and considered to be non-biased third parties. If you do so, you will likely find it much easier to quickly find interested buyers for your property.

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