Duval County Appraiser A-1 Express Appraisal Helps Tax and Divorce Attorneys Fight the Boa Constrictors at the Gates

Best Jax Divorce Appraiser

Your client is fighting their estranged spouse for the right to stay in their house. Without that home, he or she would have no resources to count on, nowhere to live. To your client, that house means everything. The boa constrictors are tightening their grip. What can you do to save your case and save your client?

Divorce is a high stakes struggle. In many cases, the two parties are less than amicable. Many snake pits can trap either party in any divorce, especially when community property must be divided.

The house is usually the biggest item in the community property chest. Whether one party plans to stay in the house, or the parties agree to split the proceeds of a sale, an accurate appraisal is absolutely necessary if your client is to win their case.

You need to know the appraisal will stand up in court if it’s challenged by the opposing side. A-1 Express Appraisal offers expert witness testimony to back up our appraisals if needed.

As the only one standing between your client and a bad divorce judgment, you need a trustworthy and professional appraiser, someone who knows the Jacksonville real estate market intimately and who is ready to testify in court on your client’s behalf.

The More You Know, The Better Your Chances In Court

A-1 Express Appraisal offers the latest appraisal methods that deliver far more detailed reports on the value of your client’s community property.

Terry Larson, president of A-1 Express Appraisal, is an affiliate member of the American Bar Association (ABA)—a rare distinction among appraisers that gives him expert insight into matters of divorce, bankruptcy, tax, estate, and probate law.

If you need an accurate, timely, and trustworthy appraisal of community property, A-1 is your best ally. We offer the latest appraisal techniques and expert testimony if our appraisal is challenged. We gather more accurate, solid data to back up the appraisal.

The more info you have, the better your chances. Contact A-1 today to get Jacksonville’s best appraiser on your side.