Wondering How to Get a House Appraisal for a Divorce Settlement? Call A-1 Express Appraisal

Divorce Appraisals - How to Get a House AppraisalGoing through a divorce is a stressful experience, especially when community property has to be split up. In most divorces, community real estate is either sold, with the proceeds evenly split, or one party buys out the other. In either case, you need an accurate appraisal to make your settlement complete and as fair as possible.

For example, any court-ordered divorce settlement requires an accurate, joint appraisal of community property. Many divorce attorneys will only take cases in which the parties have agreed to an appraisal of shared property, especially real estate.

Whether you own a single-family home or a vacant plot of land, A-1 Express Appraisal specializes in residential appraisals, precisely the kind you need in a divorce with community property. Our independent, third-party appraisals are fully compliant with state and federal regulations and will tell you the precise fair market value of your shared property.

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Superior customer service and fast turnaround are the hallmarks of A-1 Express Appraisal. Contact us today for a quick and accurate third-party appraisal of your community property.