Bang for Buck Home Improvements

While it is always nice to make improvements around the house that make your home a more enjoyable place to live, sometimes you make these investments to see great returns. If you are interested in having a Jacksonville real estate appraiser give you good news when it is time to sell, you might want to consider these home improvement tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

1. Work from the Outside In

As explained by the experts at the DIY Network, improvements to your home’s landscape are often extremely inexpensive, but can have a major impact on your property’s value. These improvements can be as simple as planting perennials or adding edging to your driveway and walkways to give your lawn crisp, clean lines.

Your Jacksonville appraiser will be taking curb appeal into consideration when determining the value of your home. By spending just a little bit of time sprucing up the outdoors, you can boost your possible listing price.

2. Seal Your Attic with Insulation

As heating and air costs are increasing, well-insulated homes are becoming a more attractive commodity. Adding insulation to your existing home may sound like a very costly project, but there is a way to make this a very cost efficient project: focus only on the attic.

A substantial amount of a home’s heating and air is lost through the attic. You can easily add a layer of insulation to your attic yourself, following the manufacturer’s instructions, or have an insulation company take care of this for you.

3. Boost Energy Efficiency in General

In addition to adding insulation, there are other ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, and these are often very worthwhile investments. If you have appliances that are old and frequently needing repairs, consider replacing them with newer, more efficient models. You can stop having to make costly repairs, see your energy bills go down, and impress potential buyers.

4. Upgrade the Kitchen

There are plenty of features within your kitchen that a Jacksonville appraiser will take into consideration, from the state of the plumbing to the appliances to the cabinets to the counter tops. Potential buyers often focus on this room as well. People gather in the kitchen, prepare meals, and rely on this space to be attractive and functional. Even small improvements to this room can have a significant impact on your home’s value.