9 Items That Don’t Necessarily Add Value to Your Home

A home is a major investment. When you are ready to move and/or upgrade to a different house, you obviously want to recoup as much of your investment as possible, if not seeing considerable returns on your investment.

Duval appraiser consistently see homeowners make a few remodeling choices in an effort to increase the selling price of their home that do not always lead to the upturns in price that are anticipated. Here are 9 upgrades that might not be worth your time.

Heating and Air Systems

An upgraded HVAC system can be a wonderful upgrade for a home, but they are often overlooked and underappreciated by potential buyers. If your heating and air system is not working properly, this is certainly an issue you will want to address, but buyers are not necessarily going to pay more for your home because you opted for top of the line equipment.

Elaborate Landscapes

When A-1 Express Appraisal Services or potential buyer visits your home, you will want to have your lawn well maintained and inviting. However, you will not necessarily want to have a complicated garden or topiary in place. Your elaborate yard may be impressive and beautiful, but also difficult for new owners to maintain.

Luxury Upgrades

Installing high-end fixtures and appliances to every room will often be a waste of investment when selling your home. The new owners may feel that they will not be able to match the high-end furnishings or they may not like the design and will be planning to replace them anyway.


It is not recommended that you upgrade or add a new deck for the sole purpose of adding value to your home. The new homeowners may not want to maintain this deck, or they may want a completely different style.


As experts quoted by LifeHacker explain, most homeowners today prefer wood flooring to carpeting. While natural wood flooring is what is in demand, there are many beautiful engineered wood flooring options that will add to the home value.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is often among the top what not to add to your home lists. In-ground swimming pools cost a fortune to install and to maintain. They can actually detract from the value of your home if potential buyers see them as costly and/or safety hazards.

Converted Bedrooms

If your home has a large number of bedrooms, it can be tempting to convert one into an office, library or gym to increase the value of your home. In reality, you are better off leaving them as bedrooms.

Room Additions

Room additions are extremely expensive to complete. While they can increase the value of your home, this increase in value is not going to offset the costs associated with building the extra room.

Ecofriendly Upgrades

Going green is a socially admirable thing to do, and can reduce a home’s energy usage and costs. However, solar panels, energy efficient appliances and other ecofriendly upgrades are not necessarily going to boost your home’s value as much as they should.