4 Tips for Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Are you hoping that your next Jacksonville appraisal will determine that your home has a high market value? Many homeowners do not realize how much of an impact curb appeal has on the value of a property.

Increasing the attractiveness and charm of the exterior of your home does not have to be difficult. Consider the following tips regarding how you can impress your next Jacksonville appraiser.

1. Update Your Hardware

Outside your home, you have plenty of hardware, including doorknobs, hinges, light fixtures, address numbers, and other small accent pieces. An inexpensive, but effective way to change the look of your home is to replace all of these small elements.

Over time, the hardware on your door, mailbox, and other outdoor structures, can become worn, rusted, or out of style. Perhaps they are not even a uniform design right now. You can fix this problem in one afternoon with new hardware.

2. Plant a Modest Flower Garden

As recommended by Popular Mechanics, flowers provide a cost effective but powerful way to improve your curb appeal. You can add color and warmth to the exterior design of your home by adding flowers to window flower boxes, or adding flowerbeds along walkways or along the front or side of the home.

As a Jacksonville appraiser will likely tell you, it is best not to make your flower gardens extremely elaborate or difficult to care for. While exotic flowers may boost your curb appeal, they will require a lot of maintenance.

3. Install Outdoor Lighting

By adding soft outdoor lighting, you can both increase your curb appeal and improve safety and security on your property. Exterior lighting can be used to illuminate trees, flower boxes, gazebos, walkways, and other outdoor features. Better Homes and Gardens explains that, if you are unable to use wiring for your exterior lighting, there are solar light fixtures available, but they will not be as bright or consistent.

4. Replace Your Doors

If your entry or garage doors are becoming worn and weathered, replacing these features can have a major impact on your curb appeal. Your entry door is naturally the focal point of your exterior home design. One of the first things a Jacksonville appraiser will notice is whether or not this door is in good condition. It is wise to also have a garage door that is in good condition, and perhaps matches the front door, as these doors occupy so much visual space.