10 Most Required Repair Items Requested on a FHA Appraisal

FHA loans provide an excellent opportunity for new homeowners. However, it is necessary to have a Jacksonville real estate appraiser evaluate the home to determine that the property meets FHA standards. The FHA wants to insure that the property is structurally sound and will provide a safe and healthy environment for those who will live there.

With the help of Jacksonville appraisals, you can identify the problems that might slow down your FHA loan approval process. However, there are a few repair issues that come up time and again during FHA appraisals that you can look for when browsing Jacksonville real estate.

1. Functional Alarms
As explained by the Sacramento Appraisal Blog, if state law requires them, the FHA looks for the presence of carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. Florida is a state where these devices are required. These alarms should not only be present in sleeping areas, but also functional. Testing and replacing these detectors can be a simple and fast way to improve your chance of approval.

2. Roof
When looking for a home to purchase using an FHA loan, you are literally going to want a good roof over your head. According to Market Watch, the roof of the home should have at least two years of estimated remaining life to meet the necessary requirements.

3. Windows and Doors
The exterior windows and doors of the home should be operable and easily open and shut. Large cracks on or around the windows or doors are issues that will likely need to be addressed.

4. New Coat of Paint
The FHA does require that the home have a solid coat of paint for aesthetic reasons. Chipping paint within older homes can be a health issue because the paint could be lead-based. In newer homes, peeling or chipping paint could leave exposed wood that could become water damaged.

5. Removing the Doggy Door
Even if you have a pup, the FHA will not see a doggy door as a selling point for the home. As these doors are seen as a security hazard, they will need to be removed and the opening securely sealed.

6. Operational Utilities
An FHA appraisal in Jacksonville will include the testing of all of the home systems and utilities. All of the utilities need to be tuned, testable and functional for the appraisal.

7. Pests
Any visible pest problems will need to be addressed to receive FHA loan approval. Even if the pest problem has been addressed, any damage caused by previous infestations will need to be repaired.

8. Garage Door
For safety purposes, the FHA requires that garage doors close automatically after being opened.

9. Missing Appliances
All appliances that have an available space in the home should be present and functioning. The FHA appraisal will include testing these appliances, so they should be hooked up and ready to be used.

10. Wiring Issues
Any exposed or other problem wiring will need to be repaired or replaced. Electrical problems are safety issues that are taken seriously by the FHA.